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Development, implementation and integration of the SAP and Microsoft Project

SAP, Microsoft Project
Conteq along with I-Teco successfully completed the development and implementation project of the calendar and enterprise resource planning system for the investment projects in the paper industry company Ilim Group.

The established system provides an opportunity to operational planning and monitoring of projects for all geographically distributed enterprises of the company.
In accordance with the strategic development plan, the paper industry company adopted the PDP methodologies (Project Delivery Process) and successfully completed the implementing module SAP PPM project (Project and Portfolio Management) for project portfolio management, financial planning and monitoring of investment projects.
Management of the Ilim Group set the goal to develop and implement the tool to ensure manageable and predictability of the project development and implementation process at any given time. The implementation of this task has become a goal of this project, which started in 2019.
For the realization of the project, a working group was formed which included specialists from IT and project management services. After a detailed analysis of the market, Microsoft Project Server 2019 was chosen as a platform to meet the target.
As a result of the competitive process and analysis of the commercial proposals tandem of «Conteq» and «I-Teco» was chosen as implementing partners for the project. These companies have gold statuses of Microsoft and have competence and experience in the implementation of Microsoft Project.
The duration of the project was one and a half years. The geographical scope included 6 cities: Saint-Petersburg, Ust-Ilimsk, Bratsk, Koryazhma, Dmitrov and Kommunar.
В результате проекта была создана информационная система, позволяющая решать следующие задачи:
The project has resulted in development of an information system allowed carring out the following tasks:
1.    Increasing transparency in project management processes.
·      Obtain up-to-date and current information on progress;
·      Providing a single access interface to schedule of projects;
·      Data capture about designing and implementing new projects in the light of experience;
·      Improve the quality and effectiveness of medium- and long-term investment planning.
2.    Ensuring the systematic availability of intelligence information on the current status of investment projects implementation.
3. Formation of a consolidated analytical report on the projects portfolio for analysis of the current status of project execution and operational decision-making.
Key feature of the developed system was unique software:
1.    Integration Microsoft Project with SAP PPM system for ensuring data integrity about projects in 2 systems: from SAP PPM to major financial information about projects is transmitted from SAP PPM to MS Project; and information on the timing of the project is transmitted from MS Project to SAP PPM
2.    Possibility of monitoring of the project in the use of earned value analysis (EVA) due to customized user interfaces and analytical reports
The created information system is implemented and used by Ilima’s employees, it provides manageability of investment projects, promotes timely and high-quality planning and investment project monitoring.
For reference:
The Ilim Group is the largest producer of pulp and paper products in Russia and one of the leading industry players in the world.
The Ilim Group is composed of three pulp and paper mills in the Arkhangelsk (Koryazhma) and Irkutsk regions (Bratsk, Ust-Ilimsk), two modern corrugated plants in the Leningrad and Moscow regions and the Sibgiprobum Design Institute (Irkutsk).
75% of all Russian commercial pulp, 20% of cardboard and 10% of Russian paper are produced at mills of the Ilim» Group. The total output of pulp and paper products of the company is more than 3.6 million tons per year. The company exports its products to more than 70 countries around the world
Strategic investment projects of company at 2021-2025 aim at reducing the environmental impact, construction of new capacity and modernization of manufacturing processes with the increase of their efficiency. As a result of the investment program, the total output of goods production is expected to increase and in 2025 will amount to 4.5 million tons annually.