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Choosing a framework for developers often means choosing the right solution for the IT company and its clients.

Xamarin allows you to code in C-sharp for iOS, macOS and Android. Thus, the algorithms developed for one platform can be applied to all others. For example, when working on Xamarin. Android and Xamarin.iOS, more than half of the code can be "reused". UI is done according to the guidelines using the native API.
What does it mean for the client?
·        If the user eventually needs the same functionality for a new platform that has been developed for a single platform, Xamarin significantly reduces lots of negative externalities.
·        A good business product is surrounded by many hypotheses and, as a result, is “covered with the tests”, which is also true about IT products. But tests may have negative externalities: when the API or the database schema changes, in addition to the code, the developer has to rewrite all related unit tests. This means that the client has to wait longer and pay more. With Xamarin, you have to be concerned with recoding and nothing else, and therefore, you can test hypotheses more actively.

When a client needs to change the product or “redesign” the business logic in it, he/she often has to pay again and again for almost the same code. Xamarin allows you to forget about this issue, even if you change the developer.
A few words about the benefits of Xamarin for an IT company
·        The framework is compatible with two language system standards, ECMA-334 and ECMA-335, i. e. it gives the source code, so any responsible programmer can subsequently read and edit it. For a company, this means that if it uses agile or decides for some reason to change developers and modify the product “on the fly”, the task remains doable.
·        Since the C # code is available to the entire team, it can be used both on mobile and desktop platforms. Therefore, you can work out a solution according to the classic UX / UI methodology, that is, starting with mobile versions.
Why is Xamarin so good for developers?
·        The developer can write code using his favorite language and syntax familiar to him, such as LINQ, Lambda Expressions, Generics and async.
·        Xamarin has unified Flow for each platform, and therefore, the framework is convenient for teamwork: everyone can see the code made by someone else in the team.
·        According to the latest trends, developers tend to prefer open source and form communities around sites where professionals can share code examples or even entire projects. For Xamarin, there are many cross-platform components and code samples available for free on GitHub.

To summarize, Xamarin is an awesome tool, but to make a good product using it, you