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Analytics at the largest Russian pulp and paper company

Kama Karton is a pulp and paper industry company operating in the city of Krasnokamsk since 1936. The production capacity is about 85 thousand tons of easily coated paper per year. For the first time in the world, a paper web for this type of paper has been produced on the basis of aspen raw materials according to the technology developed and patented by the specialists of the Kama Karton Pulp and Paper Mill.

The Kama Karton management and investors who sponsored the largest project to reconstruct a paper and cardboard factory and created a new production building needed a convenient analytical tool to track key project indicators. Prior to the start of the project, such reports were generated manually by Kama Cardboard staff, which required a lot of time and resources. Also, there was a problem of the difference in approaches to data collection and reporting. The new BI solution was supposed to provide the ability to quickly track information about the progress of the project and unify the data access methodology both within the company and from outside.

Kama Karton chose Microsoft Power BI platform, with wide functionality and a convenient user interface and Conteq as an IT-developer. Conteq, a Microsoft Gold partner with competencies in the field of Data Analytics, became a project partner.

The Conteq experts created a single data model, designed the target architecture, developed ETL information collection procedures, and developed a unified approach to reporting visualization.

The new analytical solution allows to view relevant information on financial indicators, the execution of the schedule for the project and each construction object separately, and the dynamics of the enterprise. In the generated report, it was possible to view information in sections: financial indicators of the project, schedule of work on the project and objects, S-curves for important stages of work, explanations for the project, reasons for deviations, corrective actions on the critical path of the project, success and development of the future enterprise.

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