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Document Management System Implementation Project based an enterprise solution of Conteq – DocSpace

A Plus Development is a federal commercial real estate development company. Since 2008 A Plus Development implements projects for the creation, reconstruction, and full-cycle development of industrial, warehouse and retail facilities. 

A Plus Development provides: 

- organization of a digital space with access through the corporate portal to support the "one window" technology 

- the ability to work with various types of content supported by MS Office applications: electronic documents (in tabular and text form), presentations, audio, video files, etc. 

- optimization and automation of business processes in the field of organizational, administrative, and contractual document flow (the term for agreeing contracts was reduced by 3 times) 

- automation of the process of registration of incoming and outgoing correspondence 

- organization of a convenient attributive and contextual search for content in various scenarios 

The DocSpace platform has united the following processes: 

1. Management of contracts. This system allows to implement a multi-stage process, considering the specifics of the project business and the specifics of the Group of Companies. Also, several routes for the preparation, approval and signing of contracts were carried out in accordance with the regulations adopted in the organization. Contracts can be agreed at different stages, as well as a complex structure of route conditions - the subject of the contract, legal entities, financial limits. 

2. News feed management. The introduction and active use of the news feed significantly increases the efficiency of internal corporate communications. 

3. Office services. Daily tools such as meeting room booking service and courier service organization eliminate lots of minor intra-communication problems. 

4. Office management. Automation of the process of electronic registration of incoming and outgoing letters becomes a necessary and extremely useful solution not only for employees of the administrative department, but also for accounting, financial services, and project managers. 

The implementation of this project, called "Electronic Office - HappyOffice.Pro", has provided a significant improvement in internal corporate communications. In addition, the entire life cycle of working with electronic documents was automated, and the term for agreeing contracts was reduced by 3 times. 

The design has helped to overcome typical difficulties of the growth of fast-growing companies, including "unmanageability" that arises in the absence of clear work regulations. 

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