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Our Gear and Services
Conteq combines multi-disciplinary approach with deep, practical IT knowledge

Conteq can maintain your system online &
deliver solutions on the go

  • Technical and functional support for SharePoint (online/ on-premises).
  • Debugging & fixing faulty code.
  • Fixing unanticipated and non-understandable problems in your environment.
  • Tuning features and applications (inappropriately set workflows, incompatible add-ins, search issues).
  • Fixing Addressing issues with SharePoint architecture and performance.
  • System updates and SharePoint health check on regular basis.
  • Security checks and support for access/permission related issues.
  • Resolving performance issues, such as a long page load time, inability to access SharePoint sites, integration issues.
  • Modernizing intranet/extranet portals.

    Sharepoint Support and Learn

    Conteq development team is highly competent in functional and technical aspects, making certain that all the organizations are provided with the most effective SharePoint development services

    • Build an agile architecture from scratch, or legacy architecture for it to respond adequately to a company's changing scale.
    • Improve the architecture to respond adequately to a company's changing scale.
    • Automate sophisticated business processes by structuring them into effective and logical SharePoint workflows.
    • Create an individual approach to managing data that goes beyond any of the standard SharePoint fields with or without any other software.
    • Create handy templates to keep all the site features and customizations that you can use to deploy similar solutions on several SharePoint sites.
    • Create a complex subordinate structure.
    • Make your branding, personalized master pages and page layouts to add dynamic elements and custom navigation.
    • Integrate your SharePoint with such systems as ERP, CRM, Exchange Server, accounting system, HR system, messengers etc., ensuring a more convenient way for your business needs.

    Sharepoint development

    Conteq have a proven SharePoint migration methodology and framework focused on your business needs. We are ready to help you with any of these issues

    • Migration from SharePoint on-premises setup to SharePoint Online /
    • Office 365.
    • Upgrading your SharePoint from any of the older versions to SharePoint 2019 on-premises or SharePoint online.
    • Seamless migration of current third-party solutions to SharePoint online.
    • Smooth data migration from an old document management system.
    • Hybrid migration of both the on-premises and the cloud deployments including upholding scalability and expanding collaboration opportunities.

        Sharepoint migration
        Rates for SharePoint Services
        SharePoint 30
        $1490 per 30h, 8x5
        Kind of request/reaction time hours
        Critical 4h
        Urgent 8h
        Regular 24h
        SharePoint 50
        $1990 per 50h, 8x5
        Kind of request/reaction time hours
        Critical 4h
        Urgent 8h
        Regular 24h
        SharePoint 100
        $3300 per 100h, 8x5
        Kind of request/reaction time hours
        Critical 4h
        Urgent 8h
        Regular 24h
        SharePoint ∞
        $30 per hour, 8x5
        Kind of request/reaction time hours
        Critical 4h
        Urgent 8h
        Regular 24h
        Why Conteq?

        As oil prices are crashing, cooperation with Russians brings more benefit

        SharePoint, integrated into Office 365, is a powerful, sophisticated tool, and having a reliable support team can matter a lot. The support and development issues may cost too much, but cheap deals can be harmful. Better choose reliable partners.

        Think of cooperation with a well-experenced IT company from Russia, working for Russian prices.
        Who are Conteq?

        We do cutting edge techs closer

        We are a professional team, including developers, engineers, and administrators.
        Our team understands your goals and requirements and we are ready to provide our services to make your company and projects successful.

        Our team's experience is based on Microsoft products, and some more.

        With ten years' experience in supporting and developing SharePoint, we can provide comprehensive support and maintenance for SharePoint, to preserve your solutions and provide a reliable, secure, and error-free collaboration environment.
        Read about our projects
        (only some of them)
        Sharepoint for pharma
        Valenta Farm
        Innovative pharmaceutical company
        Learn More
        Sharepoint for consulting
        BDO Unicon Outsourcing
        Consulting, including managerial and personnel
        Learn More
        Sharepoint JTI
        Member of the Japan Tobacco Group of Companies
        Learn More
        Valenta Farm
        Conteq has a long-term partnership with Valenta Pharm JSC. Valenta Pharm is a Russian innovative pharmaceutical company established in 1997 and focused on development and production of new original medicines. Conteq is focused on creation and maintenance of ECM/BPM (document and process management system) based on SharePoint. The "Initiative portal" project helps pharmacists.
        BDO Unicon Outsourcing
        Conteq completed the project on B2B implementation and the intranet portal in BDO Unicon Outsourcing

        In March 2020, the Conteq company announced completion of the project on B2B implementation and the intranet portal in BDO Unicon Outsourcing. The project was aimed at creating safe and convenient environment for interaction of staff of BDO Unicon Outsourcing with clients of the company. The B2B portal was implemented on the Microsoft SharePoint Online platform that allowed to unroll "an internal resource", the intranet portal helping to increase the involvement and loyalty of employees to the company.

        According to the company, the needs for deployment of B2B of the BDO Unicon Outsourcing portal related to the fact that previous files and documents sharing system was based on file hosting through SFTP, the portal of the head office and e-mail. As a result, employees had to spend a lot of time searching for necessary documents and switching between different windows.

        Also, workers and clients of BDO Unicon Outsourcing needed to support the job regulations with documentation through convenient modern technologies instead of bureaucratization of processes. Therefore, an effective control system of tasks management and instructions on work with clients was required for the company. Specialists of the Conteq IT company offered to develop the B2B portal and the intranet on the Microsoft SharePoint Online platform, which perfectly met the requirements of BDO Unicon Outsourcing.

        Thus, the B2B portal automated the routine transactions of the employees connected with customer interaction. This solution allows to edit files together with clients and store important data in a common information space. Time spent on searching for necessary files and documents and their current versions has also been significantly reduced. Besides, the new information space allows to exchange and work safely with files, to appoint tasks to the staff of BDO Unicon Outsourcing and their clients. Also, leaders had an opportunity to control the tasks accomplishment in a system, to trace degree of load and performance of specialists.

        The solution allows to organize work areas for each client, considers their organization structure and saves history on work with each separate legal entity from group. As for access to the portal from clients, authorization on the website is performed using Microsoft account. Upon authorization, the client receives the direct reference or the e-mail with the invitation from the administrator of the portal from BDO Unicon Outsourcing. Also, the leaders of the Conteq company created a multi-level structure of data storage and access to it. The objects containing data have unique identifiers, but the tree structure remains. It was the most large-scale part of the B2B portal project.

        In turn, the intranet portal allowed to create the unified communication channel and provide the centralized access for staff to up-to-date information in BDO Unicon Outsourcing. Thanks to the portal, the company launched a corporate newspaper where the staff of BDO Unicon Outsourcing can quickly publish and read information on important events in the company. Besides, the company organized a corporate Wikipedia, a large-scale Knowledge base on the intranet to store public documents, regulations, instructions and other text and graphic materials of the BDO Unicon Outsourcing.

        Thanks to the B2B and the intranet portals, BDO Unicon Outsourcing company received effective tools with a lot of communication services directed to quality improvement of customer service and the team unification. Besides, the interface of solutions corresponds to the BDO Unicon Outsourcing brand beech and deals with the issues related to the user experience.
        Japan Tobacco International
        Conteq has implemented Microsoft 365 in 70 countries of the world at JTI (Japan Tobacco International), organizing a modern space for collaboration and communication between project teams to implement an ERP solution.
        About 2000 people participated in the ERP - system implementation project! Thanks to our M365 cloud technology project, we allowed the project team to successfully implement the project, and 10 thousand users in 70 countries at a time to start working with the new ERP system.
        More about Conteq
        Conteq has been a member of the Microsoft Partner Network for more than 10 years. Our SharePoint department with 10+ experts on board and more than 30 projects cooperated with corporations in Manufacturing, Consulting and Audition, Retail, Real Estate Construction, Finance, Administration, Energetics, Education, Medicine, etc.

        Whether you're big, medium or small company, you're just getting started with SharePoint or have been a long-term user, we can help you with your needs.
        We are Microsoft Gold partner.
        A Microsoft Gold-Certified partner is a company that has agreed to collaborate and establish a close working relationship with Microsoft.
        This means that Conteq meets the highest standards of Microsoft's
        widely-recognized partnership program.
        Conteq- is a Microsoft Gold partner.
        World-class Quality At Low Prices
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