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Control your creative work, act as a single body, no matter who participates in the project: social media marketers, ppc or SEO specialists, coders, designers, photographers, authors, translators, etc. Work together in a transparent and flexible system. Connect creative minds from around the world, as if they are all in one place. Access all outcomes with a unique login — creative minds love when they don't have to dig out files over and over again.
For companies which regularly interact with customers and partners, we offer Client Portal as a safer and more convenient solution for files and document sharing, as opposed to sending e-mails or sharing files via public "drives". Powered by SharePoint Online, this solution allows you to increase your ROI on your Microsoft 365 (ex-Office365) investment while meeting your company's IT standards and policies.

Make multimedia or analytics files available from any browser or mobile device, instantly​
Make multimedia or analytics files available from any browser or mobile device, instantly
Get at real time extranet chat (one to one or group channels)
Get at real time extranet chat (one to one or group channels)
Rank outsources by reliability, skills, responsiveness, staffing and other features
Rank campaigns by reliability, skills, responsiveness, staffing and other features
Use a Comfortable search tool allowing to find any information or data
Managing time and pipeline of outsources campaigns
Share by updates, new terms, and all brand/product news
Keeping projects secure is essential at all times
Sharing documents and files, data, custom information, and order status are synchronized daily between the web portal and company's internal systems
Share creative ideas and best practices with the team
Why using Client Portal is secure?
Sharing "sensitive" information via e-mails, you run the risk to make a mistake and send it to the wrong recipients.
You grant access only to those employees who need it, as well as access to counterparty representatives.
You can set different access rights, for example, "read-only" option.
The service is protected by the strictest security standards In addition, you can use multi-factor authentication.
Why is Client Portal so convenient?
All documents and files to cooperate with counterparties are stored in one space. No need to search any information in e-mails.
You always know who and when transferred files to the counterparty, or vice versa, when the counterparty shares the files with you.
Versioned documents allow you to track changes and return to a previous version if necessary. Duplicates of documents are not created; you don't have to figure out which version is the latest because it is always stored on the Client Portal.
Sharing large files is no longer a problem.
Benefits of Client Portal
You can set your business processes preferences regarding the employees and counterparty's representatives, for example, to coordinate the documents.
Employees can be automatically assigned tasks according to the key date calendar and SLA.
Time and date of sharing a file is indicated on the Client Portal.
You can chat with your conterparty on a Client Portal or in Microsoft Teams, and save correspondence history with the conterparty, including documents and files.
Co-authoring an co-working with Microsoft 365 (ex-Office 365) documents and files saves a lot of time.
It is a template, each individual case is addressed in accordance with the tasks

•Control the promotion, campaigns, and marketing research to maintain the growth of customer demand

•Delineate access to the quantitative data and media materials, drafts, kits

•Quickly transfer information, reports, design codes or media and technical developments to any partner

•Be aware of the dynamics, key indicators, and the media impact on client's commerce / economy

•Timely address questions and complaints, increase loyalty

•Receive requests and deliver documents

•Provide the partner with the guidelines for working in advertising accounts, using the minimum campaign settings

•Set up a business process, and create tasks within the company to deal with the partner

•Have structured information on each Integrated Marketing Communication within the media plan

•Find information and files fast and easily to get the job done

•Provide financial and media metrics data

•Be able to reply to any question to make the client fully informed and understand all metrics showed

•Be able to ask co-workers and client's staff from different departments a question upon request

•Get reminders to get the job done on time


•Have information about all activities, media metrics and the impact of media on commerce

•Understand how advertising and digital campaigns work

•Learn advertising and digital news in the professional field

•Be able to control the work of their employees (react to all stages of media influence on the sales funnel)

•Have instant access to all documents added to the campaigns and outsource

• Find information and files fast and easily

•Requests about the issues forwarded directly to the right media - specialist

•Create a new request

• View reports, metrics, and marketing data; receive explanation about each point and its influence on commerce


•Trade secret data protection

•Commercial secrets data protection

•Corporate information data protection

•PR agreements data protection

•Advertising accounts protection

•Websites and social media accounts protection

•Advertising and media materials protection

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